Sex toy makers long ago discovered that they can bring together the two things we all love – sex and getting out – by developing teledildonics. If your relationship is long-distance, teledildonics can take it to the next level with just a few clicks.

In these situations, the tools of Bluetooth sex toys could help keep the spark of passion alive where it would otherwise fade. Many multiplayer sex games will allow you to connect your Bluetooth sex toys, and users can be connected to each other and remotely have sex in the game.

The two sex toys are connected via Bluetooth and WiFi and can be controlled via an app by moving the opposing toy. With a Bluetooth sex toy that you control via a smartphone app, you can hand the job over to your partner to help you orgasm.


Even when you are not in the room together, you can use Lovense Bluetooth-controlled toys to delight each other even when you are not together. It can be used by both parties to sync with other options such as video chat or recording to improve the experience.

The sex toy can also be connected to anyone who owns an interactive remote control from Kiiroo, who makes sex toys for both men and women. So if you are willing to use your imagination, this may solve some very naughty options.

Leo HULA Bead

The Lelo HULA bead is a remote-controlled sex toy with 8 pleasure settings that you can explore, and it is one of the most popular remote-controlled sex toys you will find, even if the 26 vibration modes are not as strong as some of the toys on this list.

The remote-controlled vibrator is a long-distance sex toy that can be used by couples whose partners are separated by work or business trips. The sex toys work as foreplay or in-person sex for couples in long-distance relationships, but can also be played in public, controlled via the app or even used as part of a group sex session. This allows individuals and couples to discreetly deal with public teasing.

It is waterproof and rechargeable so you and your partner can play with it over and over again, and it is also compatible with VR and erotic media. It is electrically charged and you will have a USB cable that you can use to charge the toy to make it work optimally.


The We-Vibe line is a pioneer in the field of remote-controlled sex toys and offers many possibilities for solo toys or for couples. The manufacturer advertises that long-distance relationships with the help of a Bluetooth connection can promote intimacy and that other sex toy companies sell similar products. If you choose a remote-controlled sex toy, there are many different types of Bluetooth vibrators on the market.

From dual-action vibrators that provide clitoris and internal stimulation to talking and touching toys, these adult sex toys come in various shapes and sizes, as well as the Wir-Vibe Sync vibrators, all of which can be controlled via an app on your phone.

We all know that porn can be a fun way to fantasize and feel sexy, but there are also many therapeutic benefits. Many people watch porn without any negative impact on their lives, and it can be a great way for us to explore our fantasies. 

Not all people who watch pornography are addicted, and the extent to which pornography contributes to this problem is unknown. While the majority of porn-watchers seem to do this in a healthy way, for some it is still a problem.

What we do know is that even if porn does have a negative impact on your life, it doesn’t have a negative impact on your health in any way. You could see porn as a way to satisfy a desire that you cannot fulfill in real life, and you don’t have to worry about whether it’s healthy or not. It is an activity that I enjoy from time to time, as long as it does not harm my sex life or my work life. I find value in it, but I’m not worried that it will negatively affect my life. 

Other times you may need to address a specific psychological problem that could cause you to watch porn excessively. If you suspect you are using porn as a means of self-treatment or as an outlet for other mental health problems, try a simple technique. Every time you feel drawn to watching porn, you wonder what you’re feeling.

When is porn unhealthy?

If a person watches porn in an unhealthy way, couple counseling can be very important for you and your partner. If pornography is obviously damaging to your marriage, you may not be able to change your partner’s behavior, but they will not stop watching it.

Maybe you can’t control the urge to watch porn, and that could lead to you losing your job. If you neglect your duties by watching porn while you are at home or staying at home, this could be a sign of porn addiction.

Anyone who neglects their duties as a parent or at home as an employee or even as an employee by watching porn is a sign of porn addiction. If you find that you are neglecting your responsibility to watch porn, then this could be another sign of porn addiction.

If you are worried that your partner’s interest in porn reflects a lack of interest, or that it is somehow due to a lack of interest in your relationship, then put your worries aside when you consider the many reasons why people watch porn. 

If you look at what porn addiction is or how many hours of watching porn is addictive, there is no answer. If you don’t know, one thing is certain: Everyone loves porn and will never stop getting involved, but the fact that it never touches you in any way may be enough to confuse you, if not completely confuse you. Fans and porn haters have their own opinions about why people watch porn, and there is no need to make anyone feel bad when they watch it. Make sure you talk about what you can get out of it and that it’s a part of your life and not just a hobby. 

Some experts will argue that porn has no negative impact on one’s life to some extent, but not everyone gets away with it. While it has very occasionally no negative effects on relationships, many porn users are surprised at how easily porn consumption can change from occasional distraction or fantasy to a habitual problem with the potential to destroy their relationships and self-esteem. For some, there is a porn addiction like there is with any other gambling, drug, or alcohol addiction.

Why do people watch porn?

For the sake of sex – positively – I’d like to come up with a healthy and relatively harmless reason why many people watch porn. 

If you’re wondering why men watch porn and want to know the truth, here’s what I find out. Men like to watch porn because it feeds their need for different sexual partners. When this easy arousal is combined with internet porn right at your fingertips, men are attracted to watch it because guys can watch it.

Should you watch porn?

You may want to try new and different things, but it might be safer to watch porn instead, especially if you’re someone who’s not sure why the guys watch it. People who think watching porn is bad may also think it is immoral, inappropriate, or in some cases, illegal, depending on the images you are viewing.

This claim is often accompanied by claims that something is wrong with the suppression of your sexuality or a closed mind, which is why there are so many people who do not watch porn at all.

We also think playing pornographic games is a great alternative to watching porn, and can a totally healthy and normal thing to do! It is perfectly healthy to watch porn regularly with no pressure or guilt. People should not be ashamed of this expression of their sexuality that can be practiced alone, or with a partner, if you choose. If you enjoy porn and sex games, then we say there’s nothing wrong with that!

sex simulator games

Sex simulation games have become very popular, with titles like JerkDolls and Sex Simulator advertised heavily on porn sites. With how powerful modern computers and smartphones have become, developers have been able to create impressively realistic games, letting you have virtual sex almost indistinguishable from real life at times. With a VR headset, you can take this to an even higher level.

Rule 34 of the internet applies here, of course, like anything else, and lots of popular sex sim games have been created. Many of these are incredibly realistic, just like modern AAA titles, and offer an experience way better than porn. Which one of these porn games has the most realism and offer the best graphics? We’ve tested the most popular ones to find out.

1. Pink Visual

Pink Visual is a sex simulator game that focuses on realistic, interactive sex experiences. Create your own porn masterpiece to your liking, play like yourself and satisfy your wildest sex fantasies.

Here we must say that it really deserves its place in the list of the most realistic sex simulator games. The perfect example of this is at the top of our list, right next to Sex Simulator.

2. Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator strives to approach the illusion of eroticism and realism and to steer the player through an eerie valley., we have chosen an effectively unusual way to do what you would expect from a well-developed, perfectly analyzed site with a strong focus on realism.

With we have eliminated the lack of ground-breaking porn simulator games that have allowed us to build on our popularity, reputation and ease of use. Simulators are free sex games where you can choose your character, customize him and make him do what you want. With a realistic adult sex game, you will be able to satisfy all your fantasies, even the unspoken.

3. Grand Fuck Auto

Grand Fuck Auto, made by free 3D adult games, is a parody of popular console and arcade games. The site has over 1,000,000 registered players on its website, with the game attracting thousands of players at any one time. Another popular title is here, and it is one of the most popular games on the site with more than 1.5 million downloads. With a mix of game play similar to the original Grand Theft Auto and lots of sex, this one is fantastic.

Play Grand Fuck Auto here:

4. Holodexxx Origin

Holodexxx Origin offers an ultra-realistic 3D experience, and users can now enjoy three exciting HolodExxx experiences that introduce you to the virtual people who drive HolODEXxx. Players interact with adult movie stars, who are caught in motion and manipulated to perform in a virtual environment.

In this most realistic 3D porn game, you are told what to do, how to fuck and how to influence the action. I am amazed how realistic and detailed this 3D sex game is. It’s so real I feel like a movie, but I remember it wasn’t like that, it wasn’t like that.

5. offers online that you can meet hundreds of other adult players to play the most interactive sex simulator game. It is the most realistic sex sim game in the world, created with modern 3D technology.

Although it is not a profound story, the mechanisms that involve real people in interactive sex games are perfectly illustrated. Interacting with other people through sexy MMOs lets you live out your fantasies in a way that can be very addictive. With bad intentions, this sex game introduces you to a grown-up world where you can live out your fantasy in the form of a real-life person.

5. Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is the most realistic sex simulator game in the world and one of the best sex simulation games on the market. It lets you customize the girls however you want, anything from hair color, boob size, to race and it complete with lots of sex toys and choices of sex acts.

Sex Emulator is a realistic 3D porn game and you have full control of the action, you get a great virtual girl and you have to give everything. The game play is nothing more than having all the sex you want.

Enter the virtual world of erotic fantasy and take part in a breathtaking adventure for adults. The idea is that the player starts to merge his true desires with the game interface. Some of the best sex simulators are those where the fantasy graphics are closely merged with real sex scenes.

6. DreamSexWorld

If you prefer to experience your sexual adventures on your mobile device, try our free 3D sex simulator game for iOS and Android devices called DreamSexWorld. If you want to play offline, we recommend you try our online version of the game in the App Store and Google Play Store. Start with our 3D sex game and you will be able to build the girl of your dreams with the help of 3 different characters and a variety of sexual options.

7. JerkDolls

The realistic 3D girls from JerkDolls are based on real pornstars, with real body parts, real hair and real boobs, and even real nipples. This free-to-play porn game is among the best.

The producers were given access to virtual reality and gave us an additional tool to have fun with the JerkDolls. Many porn stars have the function to do so, and the producers have given us the additional tools for fun.

If you are always wondering where to download the most realistic sex simulation game in the world and the hottest interactive features, then Jerk Dolls is a perfect choice.

If you’re looking for our number one most realistic adult sex games, then we pick JerkDolls. Read the full review from Sex Games Report here:

Final Thoughts

No matter what you like, you will finally find the best title in which to fulfill all your sexual needs.

Do yourself a favor and email us whenever you discover a sex simulator you should look at. Make sure you make a buffer every day for a thousand sex simulators and sign up for our newsletter.

Contrary to what some may believe, girls masturbate. 

Masturbation—touching your own body, especially your genitals, for pleasure—is a completely normal form of self-care. It relieves stress and is highly pleasurable.

Sometimes, people don’t want to imagine girls being sexually independent and masturbating. People want to imagine girls as innocent and pure, even though masturbation changes none of those things.

Rather, it makes us more aware of ourselves and leaves us in more control of our bodies than ever before. Why is that important?

Because being aware of what we do or don’t like and feeling in control of our bodies means we can voice our desires to our partners when the time comes.

And anything that helps spark communication between partners provides an opening for important discussions about sexual histories, safer sex and consent, allowing all parties to feel engaged in every step of the process and to feel as though they are being heard.

Porn and sex games offer a great way to set the mood. We’ve compared some sex games here, and have another article about how watching porn can be healthy too.

Masturbation—touching your own body, especially your genitals, for pleasure—is a completely normal form of self-care.

Safety First

While this article is all about the normalcy of female masturbation, it’s always important to discuss a few aspects of masturbation that don’t generally get talked about: safety.

As a girl, it can sometimes be harder to get off without the help of handy little tools. In some areas, sex toys cannot be purchased if you’re under 18, so some girls get creative with hard veggies, household items, haphazard homemade dildos and things like that, but this is not safe, smart or even the only way to do it. Below are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to masturbate:

• Wash your hands before and after you masturbate. This can help prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause infection. If you touch your rectum or anus, wash your hands before touching your genitals.

• Pee after you are done. This can help prevent urinary tract infections.

• Never share sex toys or other objects used for masturbation without cleaning them. I once read a comment where a girl explained that she had found her mother’s vibrator and used it on herself. If you can’t be sure a sex toy is clean, you risk getting an infection.

• Never put food into your vagina. Don’t masturbate with food. I have heard way too many horror stories from friends, family, and commenters online about the unfortunate circumstance of trying to masturbate with food, such as a cucumber or hot dog, and having it break off inside of them.

It’s All About Your Pleasure

It’s important to not only be safe, but to also find what works for you. Using your fingers and hands to touch yourself is probably one of the safest methods and has been used for centuries. For some, inserting their fingers inside of them is the most stimulating, but for others, gently touching or rubbing the opening of the vagina, the vaginal lips and/or the clitoris brings pleasure.

For some, a little of both does the trick. Besides staying safe, the most important thing about masturbation is remembering that it’s really all about what feels good to you, no matter the method. Nobody knows what your body wants better than you do, and that is your power.

Masturbation = Girl Power!

Masturbating can help girls figure out what they enjoy sexually. Masturbation also gives girls a sense of self-advocacy and ownership over our bodies.

It allows us to be active in our decisions, every step of the way, to practice the sort of love and self-care that we deserve, and to get to know ourselves better.

It allows us to feel like we have permission to enjoy the acts that we choose to engage in rather than just being silent participants. Girls are human, and we deserve the chance to feel good—just as much as boys do.

So, let’s normalize female masturbation, and take ownership over our sexual choices and ideas. Because life’s too short to be embarrassed about self-care.